The left brain replies.

Probably the right side of your brain is what brought you to our website. After all, a new home is a fresh, modern canvas just waiting for your one-of-a-kind style and preferences. But just how practical and economical is a new home? Get some left-brain friendly answers here.

More efficient

Newly built homes are 30% more energy-efficient than homes built just 10 years ago.
Newly built homes save 3,449 kwh a year on average. That’s enough to power your washer for 4 years, TV for 11 years, and coffeemaker for 32 years.

More and better space

Newly built homes offer
Twice the bathroom space
3x the closet space
Higher ceilings

Planned communities

There’s more to enjoy in modern communities, like:

  • Wonderland Homes
  • Wonderland Homes
  • Wonderland Homes
  • Wonderland Homes
  • Wonderland Homes
Owners of new homes
are more likely to host
  • Football Parties

  • Easter Brunches

  • Backyard BBQs

  • Baby Showers

  • Sleepovers

  • Playdates

than used

Lower Maintenance

Wonderland Homes | White Doller
Wonderland Homes

When you buy a newly built home, you’re free to start living the life you want. Unfortunately, for those who purchase a used home, the initial excitement is often quickly replaced by stress, costly repairs and constant maintenance. To learn more about the cost savings of a new home, check out the calculator above.