Congratulations and welcome! By now, you’ve probably debunked the biggest myths about our metro area. No, we’re not in the mountains (but they’re wonderfully close). And our “scary” weather provides more sunny days than San Diego, along with snowfalls that melt so fast you can wear a parka on Monday and shorts on Tuesday. Here are a few more fun facts:
  • Colorado is the fittest and slimmest state in the US
  • Denver has more parks than any US city (205) and 650 miles of trails
  • Denver has the second highest number of college graduates in the US
  • In 2008, Longmont was named one of the "Top 100 Best Places to Live" by Money Magazine
  • Although Broomfield is a burgeoning high-tech center, the city is committed to retaining its century-old feeling of rural charm
  • Colorado has the largest number (11) of Nationally Designated Scenic Byways of any state in the US
  • The Denver Center for the Performing Arts is the largest facility of its kind outside of New York City
  • Colorado has been the third fastest growing state for the past decade (See what a good decision you made?)
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